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Business Scalability Program


ASKCRAIGTEE, LLC is focused on 3 main areas as a company. Business Coaching, Speaking & Education for entrepreneurs that are ready to make a significant impact and who want to build a six or seven figure business with FAITH as the foundation.


As a Certified Business Coach Craig Tomanini, the Founder of ASKCRAIGTEE, LLC has helped hundreds of businesses add hundreds of thousands in revenue with our StageSix® Business Growth Program(s) which focus on 3 key areas:

Strategic Planning




Michael Schoenig

Craig Tominini spoke at my live event “Unconditional” on May 19th 2022. His message was engaging and thought provoking even to a variety of listeners. He brought value to my event and to my attendees. I’d be honored to have him back again on any platform.

Tami Ederveen

Craig is an amazing coach. He gives 100% to your progress while requiring 100% from you too. He's a man of action. He's consistent & quite funny. When you think you can't...He will show you exactly how you CAN.

So go....hurry ASKCRAIGTEE...

Eava Baca Currence

I would recommend Craig Tomanini for your next speaking engagement. He is inspirational, witty and direct.  His years in IT and the military have given him a great insight on how to convey knowledge that is simple and effective. If you have not heard his amazing life story you are in for a treat. Get your Kleenex out and be prepared to laugh, cry and be amazed.  Most of all, Craig’s faith and unwavering resolve to kingdom principles, makes him a winner in any lineup.